Finca Morpho




Finca Morpho is a small tight knit regenerative educational experimental permaculture community on 4.2 hectares, close to the OSA peninsula's point of Cabo Matapalo, 14km south of Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica on the road to Matapalo, the only purple gate. We are morphing ourselves and others to be more sustainable, creative, free, happy, at peace, and open-minded to all ideas and ways of lives. Being surrounded by an indescribable primal energy from the rainforest and the ocean has inspired us to "Be the change we wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi. By using biodynamic regenerative agriculture we are creating a system that will continue to make top soil for years to come on it's own and able to sequester carbon. We have integrated a zero waste policy and are using all forms of human disposal and waste to enrich the environment around us. Plant and animal care for us is treating all plants and animals the way most people treat their house pets, with lots of love, attention, activities, and healthy food. We are striving towards a sustainable and self-sufficient model for others to learn from and to show others visiting the area how they can add some of these practices into their lives with little to no work involved.